February 20, 2020

Terms of Service

Terms of Use

To read this website, you need to consider the conditions of access permission.

Reading the privacy policy of this website and reading and accepting the terms of use are essential considerations for this website. . By visiting this website, you will know that all terms of use have been sent to you. Any agreement, representation, promise, warranty, action or statement presented by a visitor in any way other than this Agreement shall have no effect.

Everyone will not be able to access or use this site unless you read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Report payments on behalf of, interact with, or interact with this website by any reseller, intermediary, affiliate, customer, seller service provider, publisher, advertiser or any interaction you provide for this Agreement Use this website’s policies and privacy policies by visiting, visiting, using and trading. Incorporates changes to this Agreement or additional policies based on references that the Website may have in its sole discretion in the future.

Anyone under 18 years old cannot access this website. If you are under 18, it is not legal for you to view, read or interact with this website or its contents at any time. This website specifically denies access to all individuals protected by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPA).

This website reserves the right to deny access to everyone or visitors for any reason. Subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy, if you agree to the terms of viewing, the Website is permitted to collect and store data and information for exclusion and many other purposes.

Terms of use may change from time to time. Visitors are obliged to consider keeping their information about changes in consideration of their right to view this website.

Parties of the Terms of Use

Visitors, Viewers, Users, Subscribers, Members, Affiliates, Resellers, or Customers, collectively referred to in this Agreement as “Visitors” are the parties to this Agreement. The website and the former website owner and / or operator are parties to this Agreement and are referred to herein as the “Website”. Visitors understand and acknowledge that this agreement governs and prevails over, but not limited to, all visitor agreements with the website. The visitor owns the electronic website terms of use, privacy policy or any other legally binding agreement on the visitor’s website.

Accordingly, the Website rejects any visitor website electronic agreement, including but not limited to the visitor’s terms and conditions. This agreement applies to all parties. In the event of a dispute with the Visitor, the Website will be governed by this Agreement and the applicable basic rules and laws set forth in any legally binding court or court in the selection of the Website in the Jurisdiction of the Website Selection. Any agreement, statement, promise, warranty, action or statement by the Visitor Website or any other agreement proposed in a manner different from the terms of this Agreement shall have no effect. Resellers, intermediaries, affiliates, joint venture partners, publishers, advertisers, online marketers,

Use information on this website

Unless you have an express written agreement with this website, visitors, viewers, subscribers, members, affiliates or customers have no right to use this information in commercial or public places. They do not have the right to broadcast, copy, save, print, sell or publish the content of this website. By looking at the content of this website, you agree to these terms of reading and acknowledge that unauthorized use is illegal and may result in civil or criminal penalties. In addition, visitors do not have the right to use their content or any part of it for any purpose, including databases, invisible pages, linked pages, base code, or any other intellectual property the site may contain. nothing. Visitor agrees to liquidate damages of U amount. In addition to costs and actual damages resulting from a violation of this regulation, S $ 100,000. Visitors certify that accepting this clause is a condition of seeing and understanding that seeing is acceptance.

Right to use, sell or post the ownership of the Website or the Content of this Website.

The Website and its contents are owned or licensed by the Website. The material contained on the website must be considered exclusive and copyrighted. Visitors do not have any rights to the content of the site. It is illegal to use website content without the express agreement or permission of the website.

Hyperlinks to sites, co-branded, “frames” and forbidden site references

You may not hyperlink this site or any part of it (including but not limited to logos, trademarks, brands, or copyrighted material) by hyperlink, unless expressly authorized by the website. In addition, you may not refer to this website’s URL (website address) or ‘frame’ the site on a commercial or non-commercial medium without express permission. You agree to work with the Website to remove or deactivate these activities and be responsible for any damages. You agree to liquidation damages of USD 100,000 and the costs and actual damages resulting from your breach of this regulation.

Limitation of Liability

Visitors will forever waive their right to claim damages on the terms of a website that permits legitimate viewing by viewing, using or interacting with this site in any way, including banner, advertising or pop-ups, downloads, downloads Any explanation based on causal factors that cause all possible harm, regardless of emotional, predictable or unpredictable personality, personal or business character.


The visitor promises to reimburse everyone on the website according to the viewing conditions, if the website has been harmed to pay.


Visitors are considered to have submitted communication between the visitor and the website as a condition of viewing. Any part of it, including any graphics or submissions contained therein, becomes the exclusive property of the Website and may be used without further consideration of any kind for commercial use without further permission. Visitors agree to pass that information only to the website, which they want to be able to use the website forever, in a way that they think is appropriate. “Submissions” is a provision of the Privacy Policy.


No further notification of any kind is necessary for any reason. Visitors and visitors expressly warrant that they are exempt from the right to be notified as a condition of permission to view or interact with the website.


As part of the considerations required to view, use, or interact with this Website on the Website, visitors may engage in binding arbitration against any kind of claim, dispute or controversy (“CLAIM”), whether in contract, tort or otherwise. I agree to use This product arising out of or related to this purchase (including request issues, privacy issues and license terms). If the visitor wins, the visitor must bear the cost of his own lawyer. The website reserves the right to sue Vistor in court in the jurisdiction of the website choice.

In no case shall viewers, visitors, members, subscribers or customers have the right to go to court or to have a jury trial. Viewers, visitors, members, subscribers or customers do not have the right to participate in trial discovery except as provided in the rules. You do not have the right to participate as a representative or member of a claimant’s class of arbitration claims. The arbitrator’s decision is final and the right to appeal is limited.

The prevailing party shall be reimbursed by the other party for all costs related to dispute arbitration, including attorney’s fees, collection fees, investigation fees, travel expenses.

Jurisdiction and place

If any problem with this purchase arises before the court, before arbitration or after arbitration, the viewer, visitor, member, subscriber or customer agrees that the state and city specified in the contact information is in the only and appropriate jurisdiction. If the owner’s suit is in federal court, the appropriate court becomes the federal court of website selection.

Billing Model and Cancellation / Refund Policy

Unless otherwise stated in the offer, you can request a refund by contacting customer support by clicking the link in the website footer.

Governing Law

Viewers, visitors, members, subscribers or customers agree that the applicable law must be the status of the website listing in our contact information in all cases.